Monday, June 8, 2009

Style Files: Feeling Darker

The weather has been a little dreary and usually it makes me want to dress in vibrant colors...but I guess I was having a New York Moment (whatever that means...not like New Yorkers only dress in black...). My eyes have been bugging me so I've been wearing my glasses to give the ol contacts a rest. Plus they make me look so smaht.

+ Dress, H & M sale rack for $8
+ Sex and the City
Carrie belt
+ Black cardigan, Ze Gap

+ Black Cut-Out Oxford Heels, Tahari (surprisingly comfy thanks to a hidden platform)
+ Vintage Louis Vuitton bag, rich lady cast-off at garage sale (the zipper is busted but what do I care! Woot)

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  1. shoes = bad ass

    very lois lane off the anti depressants.

    love it. LOVE it.

  2. LOL Holly you made me spit my drink. hahahaha. Love it! Thank you lady!

  3. i love your dress. I wish Denver has an H&M!

  4. I love that "dark colors" to you is a dress that has hot pink in it!

    We need to meet one day.