Monday, June 29, 2009

Pretty Retro Collages

Happy Monday everyone. Hope you had a great weekend. So, I've posted Esen Demirci's work before, but I was looking at it again last night and I'm still really enjoying it. I love the retro collages and muted colors (even though I'm usually a bright girl). Esen is from Istanbul and she says her main influences include Alfred Hitchcock, Jean Luc Godard, and Michel Gondry. There isn't a lot of into out there on her...I think I might have to write her a little note soon to get some more scoop! I am really into how she uses illustration mixed with vintage fashion photos, old book pages, and even wallpaper patterns to produce digital and traditional collage work.

Browse her little Etsy shop.

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  1. wouldn't it be neat to scrapbook our photo albums into gorgeous works of art like these collages?

    i wish she had more in her shop! those little earrings are so cute.

  2. i know! if she had more stuff i would scoop it up!!