Monday, June 15, 2009

We love you Ria.

You were all so kind when I wrote this post about my beloved Tante Maria. Sadly she is no longer with us. I'm having a hard time processing it all and simply feel a heaviness in my heart. I know I will need to grieve and let it out, but right now I'm in an emotional limbo. I feel the sadness begin to creep over me and I shrug it off...trying to be there for Wolfie, who has a monster cold and is feverish and simply wants to cuddle with Mommy. I am deeply saddened by the fact that Wolfie won't get to know her as I did, but I am also so grateful that they met. So was a truly special and inspiring woman—an elegant tomboy— who made all of our lives just a little bit brighter.

I know that Ria would want us to be positive and celebrate her life. I've already shared with you how vibrant and lovely she was, so I thought it fitting to share some images from her beautiful hometown of Würzburg, Germany. Nestled in the wide valley of the Main River, in the middle of Bavaria's most famous wine producing region, Würzburg is considered by many the Pearl of the Romantische Straße (Romantic Road). She loved to go back and visit friends and family and take nice long walks. She lived here til she was in her 20s, and eventually immigrated to the U.S. where she settled in Michigan. She loved Michigan but Würzburg always remained dear to her heart.

The beautiful Residenz is a gorgeous example of baroque architecture. The gardens are really stunning—the little triangle trees were always my favorite.

Maria loved her garden and being outdoors and I know she would have loved these gorgeous spring flowers.

To my beloved lit up our world.

Wandrers Nachtlied II (Wayfarer's Night Song II)
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Über allen Gipfeln                                         Over all the hilltops
Ist Ruh,                                                            Is calm.
In allen Wipfeln                                             In all the treetops
Spürest du                                                       You feel
Kaum einen Hauch;                                       Hardly a breath of air.
Die Vögelein schweigen in Walde.              The little birds fall silent in the woods.
Warte nur, balde                                            Just wait... soon
Ruhest du auch.                                              you'll also be at rest.

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  1. I'll cry for you now, and you cry when you're ready. I'm sorry.

  2. i'm so sorry for your loss and i hope she went peacefully.

    in that photo, i can really see how you look like her. and bavaria is SUCH a gorgeous place.

  3. Oh Alex, I'm so sorry for your loss. She seemed like a lovely woman, and that loveliness has been passed down to you, and now to Wolfie. So her gift of life keeps going through her family.

    Big hugs -- I know how hard it is.


  4. I'm so sorry for your loss, Alex! You & your family are in my thoughts.

  5. Sorry for your least you will keep her spirit alive as you are inspiring just as she was - reading your blog always brightens up my day!

  6. My family is German and from Baveria too! This was a gorgeous post and I know she will be with you, as she will be with Wolfie through your stories! I also emailed you a little banner... let me know if you received it.


  7. Much love to all of you my really is amazing how kind people you've never met can be. xoxo

  8. oh honey.
    i know this pain. so sorry that you are going through it. i don't know about you, but the whole thing to me is so surreal, and i find myself taking note of the most simple things- the sky, the sounds, the light, the breeze- things that you sometimes take for granted, things that you notice, maybe, maybe you don't but suddenly you are really aware of and you see differently. i don't know if that makes any sense. but. there it is. when my mom's dad died right before henry was born, it was so painful, i just adored him, he was like a dad to me in some ways. and i can remember when my mom called me early that morning to give me the news, i remember noticing the sky and the sunlight in a different way, and the wind, like i could feel his spirit in the breeze. and it was like everything else just slowed down to an almost stop. and more recently with my brother in law, i've had moments like that too. i think it might be a heart's way of coping with all the pain.

    sending you so much love and strength to get through all this. take care of that little wolf cub. and give your family my best.
    love you sweetie.

  9. Hi Alex - my thoughts are with you at this time and I'm really sorry that your dear Ria can't be an immediate part of your lives anymore, but I know she is there in spirit. She will love this beautiful piece that you have put together for her. Hope Wolfie gets better soon and big hugs to you all x

  10. What a really lovely tribute to your aunt. I'm sorry for your loss and pain Alex. Thinking of you. And get well wishes to the gorgeous Wolfie.

  11. I'm so sorry to hear. You have honored her in such a lovely way with this post.