Thursday, June 11, 2009

Megan Whitmarsh is the bomb.

I'll be impressed if you tell me you are able to create tiny, detailed needlework art pieces. But I'll be REEEEALLLY impressed if your subject matter happens to include things like Big Foot and Ace Frehley from KISS. Hello Megan Whitmarsh! Meagan crafts impossibly cool embroidered artwork that is made even cooler by virtue of the fact that the canvas size is like, 4.5 inches wide. She also does these big crazy soft sculptures, but let me be honest and say: BIGFOOT EMBROIDERED ON A TINY SQUARE WITH A BOOM BOX!!! That's really all I care about. She says her influences are The Muppets, Bob Dylan and punk rock, which somehow makes perfect sense! When I was pregnant Greg surprised me by buying two of her pieces to put in Wolfie's room (hey, anyone can have trains or teddy bears but how many kids get to claim they have a breakdancing Big Foot on their wall??).

Images from FecalFace and Lipsticktracez. Last three images courtesy of Wolfie's wall.

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  1. These are very cool, thanks for sharing them! How great that Wolfie gets to grow up with original art in his room - now that is cool!

  2. oh my gosh LOVE! thank you for the heads up. darth vader is especially appealing when embroidered!

    I'm also awfully fond of this one that a reader shared yesterday: