Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This Week: Joe Kaufman, 1963.

This week's vintage children's book is by Joe Kaufman. To be honest, I don't really know much about ol Joe, but I can tell you this. His illustrations are so simple and sweet. The book is a "Golden Sturdy Book", which is the old version of a board book. The book is very tall and unfortunately this made for some awkward scanning...sorry if some of the sides were cut short.

While I'm a tad frightened by his orange hands, the little flower on
his hat is too cute. I just realized his hands changed colored
from the cover and into the book. Too much self tanner, Clown?

This is is bad, but the first time I read this I swear it said "cankle" on the bottom.

The tricycle is adorable and dig that crazy purple car (oops, excuse
me...i mean, automobile). I also love the fish ad on the side of the bus.

Needless to say the gentleman on the far right is not "Fa" but "Father". Also,
check out the waistline on "Mother." I see someone has been doing her Jack LaLanne work out albums...

Apparently Mother's wardrobe is in a whole other closet.

This is one of my favorite images. I love how everyone's pants are just
a wee bit too short. And seriously the little girl on the swing? I would
sooo wear that outfit.

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  1. I'm going for the outfit that "hop" is wearing!

  2. i have this book! love it. it's in the pile to introduce to the bird. right now, she has a teeny bad habit of actually EATING the books. there are several eric carle's that were henry's that she's just totally eaten the corners off of. oh lordy.
    so i will wait before handing over the good vintage ones!

  3. okay. i SWEAR we either have this or something similar to it. i remember some balloons with color labels.

    i just went to look and couldn't find it. a couple of year ago, we got armload of vintage children's books at a library book sale and i'm wondering if it's in this series of childcraft books.

    driving me nuts.