Monday, June 8, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Awards. Woot!

Last week the really lovely Stephanie of Australia's Bondville nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger Award. 

Aw shucks! That just made my day. As part of the deal, I am to nominate 7 bloggers that make me smile and then share with you 7 things that make me happy. Thank you Steph! Here’s my list! And if you're one of the people on the list, please pay it forward and give us 7 of YOUR favorite reads, as well as a 7 things that make you happy.


It was hard to pick seven, but I decided to try and pick a nice little variety. Hopefully you visit these ladies and discover a new favorite!


Bees Knees

I don’t know Miss Viva B, I actually discovered her via my friend Lady Ann (see below) but I’m already hooked. She always finds unique things and her posts are always dreamy, soft and pretty.

Dress Design Decor

Daniella’s philosophy is much like mine—that great style lives in that fun intersection of décor and fashion. I always love seeing what she comes up with, especially her fashion posts. She has an incredible eye and I'm always impressed.


With the best name ever, the lovely Lady Ann curates her blog with such panache, I am always inspired and intrigued! Hey, anyone who has me busting out words like “panache” is definiately worth taking a look.

Hiss and Hearse

Kristin is an amazing glamour puss who also happens to be this super talented designer and photographer. She has crazy wicked style (every photo shoot of hers she looks as good as the model!). I’m always eager to check out her hip and edgy work.

Cookie Cutter

Sandy’s blog is full of visual inspiration and design, but what I love is that everything she posts has a great wit and joy about it. Some visual blogs make me swoon, some make me think….Sandy’s always  makes me smile.

The Proprietress

I worked with Kate eons ago, when she was a spunky, insanely cute Advertising Exec. Years later I was wandering around North Beach in San Francisco and stumbled into an insanely cute boutique named OOMA that was always getting written up in Lucky mag. Turns out it was owned by the very same Kate! She and her cutie pie family now live in Portland (I’m envious) and she recently launched a great blog to help other aspiring shop owners.

 Ink on My Fingers

In some ways I feel silly including this, because Susannah is already a successful blogger who has legions of fans BUT on the very off chance you haven’t met her, I wanted to include her. I recently met her through Holly Becker’s amazing class. Susannah is a super talented photographer and just one of those people that you KNOW is cool—I can imagine sitting down with her for a coffee or tea and having time fly while we chatted about everything and nothing. YAY Susannah!

Thanks again to Miss Steph of Bondville!

Stay tuned for Seven Things That Make Me Happy.

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  1. Hey!
    Just so you know none of these links work to connect to the actual blog. I can look them up on google on something so its no big deal I just thought you should know.

  2. ACK! Thanks so much!!! Blogger gets wonky...they're all fixed now. WHEW!

  3. Ah! Thank you so much! That's so sweet. And yes, i'm always stuck somewhere between decor and fashion, and i'm a graphic designer, hahaha there's just too many topics to love! Thanks again! I will have to "blog it forward" soon too!

  4. aw, thanks beautiful! i'd love to have a coffee with you one day.. and can i just say: i am in love with lil Wolfie! oh my, he is as lovely as his mama :)

  5. Thanks for nominating me! Am so flattered! I enjoyed reading on the things that make you smile. Awfully adorable son, you have!

  6. thanks so much (blushes) many wonderful blogs out there...i will pay it forward :)