Friday, June 5, 2009

Rhinestone Cowgirl.

I looove sparklies. As an obsessive thrifter, I have a big collection of vintage jewellery (and lots of new stuff too). Finding a way to organize and display them is always tricky. I'm not gonna lie, sometimes my dresser is super tidy but more often than not it's a crazy tangled mess of rhinestones and beads. But you don't want to see it all messy, right?? Here is what it looks like when I'm feeling a little more tidy.

This is a vintage keychain from the Stardust hotel in Las Vegas that I used to use for my keys. I love the blue glitter...the galaxy suite fer the galexie girl! It's sitting on an old-school, blue glass, pedastal ashtray. Who would ash in that lovely???

I have a big collection of rhinestone bangles from the 1920s. They're made out of celluloid (apparently they would heat the bracelets and then press the rhinestones in the warm, softened plastic). Flapper girlies loved them because they could wear stacks and they wouldn't get snagged on their fringy, gauzey clothes while they danced the night away. They look so sparkly and perty but man they are tricky to store...always toppling over and falling on the ground. I finally found a good way to display 'em! I got a proper bangle hanger and the kitty is an old Avon perfume bottle. I think she looks rather snazzy with her new collars, don't you?

This 70s plastic desk caddy is supposed to hold paperclips and bits of paper but I think it holds rings and baubles just as well.

Keeping with the desk theme, this molded wood desk organizer from the Michael Graves Target collection works like a dream for my jumbled mess.

Rhinestones and yeah! That's my style.

Little glitter lucite boxes round the storage situation out. Now if I were reeeeally brave I would show you what it looks like right at this moment.

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  1. wow! what a collection--i'm so impressed!

  2. i love the way you have your jewelry organized! I need to get something like that for my bracelets.

    Great blog, glad to have found it! have a great weekend!


  3. does wolfie mess with your jewelry? truman would go nuts if he saw all of that, i can't even go NEAR the jewelry in a store because he will spend hours looking at all the bangles! i can't wait to attend his first fashion show.

  4. you are my hero.

  5. Erin: thanks so much! I love it too, I can't lie! haha

    MissRedLips: aw thanks for stopping by. Glad to find you too!

    Lishy: You know when he was a little guy he would ALWAYS grab my necklaces (and i rarely wore 'em) but now he's used to mommy's crazy stuff! He has, however, taken to wearing my shoes around the house and loudly stomping like a crazed Flamenco dancer!

    Amy: Me too! The little circle dealie has gotten stretched from my years of use and I'm afraid it will fall off one I don't use it anymore.

    Jenny: It's all a dresser right now is a terror. But my plan is to make it look like this again this weekend. We'll see!!!

  6. You have a great collection. I love rhinestones.

  7. my jewelry collection is MUCH smaller, but i've been trying to figure out how to get it organized without it looking cluttered. i'getting tired of the chains knotting together. what's that you have your chain necklaces hanging on in the background in some of those?

    i love that plastic desk caddy.