Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Do You Like My Hat?

OK OK....since I feel so badly that I was a slack-a-dacious blogger today I'm going to make it up to you by posting some embarrassing photos and telling you a little story that goes along with them. Many years ago I went through a super sparkle phase. I loved wearing anything shiny or sparkly...and honestly it was kind of hard to find back in the day. I scored some sparkly 70s cardigans, had a treasured pair of "sparkle" tights (that i scooped up around halloween) and had an awesome collection of silvery, vintage metallic shoes. So I was shopping at a thrift store one day and spied this insane pink, sequin sun visor. I'm not really a sun visor kind of gal, but I thought it was so funny and cool and PERFECT. Greg thought I looked ridiculous but to prove my point I insisted on wearing it while I shopped. Suddenly I felt a presence lurking behind me. I turned around and discovered an elderly lady eye-balling me. "That's a lovely hat you have there." "Oh...yes. Erm...thank you." I mumbled. She just stood there looking at me expectantly. I felt a little badly, like, should I offer to give her the hat? I decided she was just being nice and didn't really want it for herself. I gave her a friendly nod (tip of the ol sun visor) and kept on shopping. Everything was going fine, when I suddenly realized that this little old lady was popping up EVERYWHERE I was. I'd pick up a sweater...she would suddenly appear lurking beside me. I was flipping through dresses—and would catch her peering at me from the other side of the rack. I was examining some necklaces in the jewelry case....I'd catch a glimpse of her in the mirror behind me. Oh she was good....pretending to be browsing handbags and brick-a-brac, but every time I caught her eye she'd give me THE LOOK. The capper was when she "accidentally" rammed into my shopping cart. I was dying...was it the darn sun visor she wanted?? Seriously? She was stalking me for this crazy thing?? I was young and dumb and instead of just giving it to her, it suddenly became a "thing". Like, "I am buying this dang sequin sun visor if it kills me!!!" I admit I was a little nervous that I'd leave the store to find the Palm Beach Mafia waiting outside shaking their canes and trying to run me down with their Rascals. I feel a little guilty to this day, and I'm sure somewhere there is a sassy old gal telling her friends about that young whipper snapper who scored THE HAT of the CENTURY.

Fast forward 8 years and I still have that damn visor. I don't really wear it all that much because I look like an idiot...but it 100% always makes Greg laugh when I do. And as we all know, making people laugh is one of my Top 7 Favorite things.

+ Vintage polka dot apron dress
+ Cool beaded necklace my sweet friend Jessica brought me back from Africa
+ Vintage Enid Collins Pineapple bag

As an added treat, a snippet from one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes....when George is being chased by the Geriatric Bike Gang.

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  1. I love your writing voice Alex, it's a riot. I love how you wrote this. Your dress is also lovely... And your hair. Sigh.

    But the hat? Oh GOD. You are a bad, bad girl. I think that the old gal is most likely online tonight googling for "sequin visor" and will find this post. She'll see you here sporting hers and well... you will wake up to her sitting outside your stoop in the morning shaking her cane.

    HA HA Can you imagine?

  2. i'm a fan of the pineapple sparkle bag- so unique and fun!!

  3. I'm with MissRedLips - that bag is to die for!

  4. What you guys don't like my visor?? hahaha
    I'm such a dorkus.

    I love that bag too, I'm so glad you guys like!

  5. *L* Holly you crack me up!!! Love it...hahahaha....

  6. that's too funny, everyone needs a sequinned sun visor in their lives!

  7. What a great story! I have to admit I was a bit scared to scroll down to see the visor!! I was for sure it was going to be super bright pink! But I was strangely relieved that it was a paler shade- and not at all as scary as I thought! You know how to rock a sequined visor!!

  8. that has got to be the fanciest, sequined sun visor i have ever seen. much more grand than i had imagined it would be.

    and that is one of the creepiest ladies i have ever heard of.

  9. What a great blog you have, Alexandra! It's fun and original. :) Thanks so much for commenting on my interview with Holly yesterday. It meant alot. xo

  10. Very funny story Alex! LOL.
    Love the dress, the red lips, the bag.... hmmm the visor???