Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tippy Typing.

Oh lawdy...busy day and not time for much posting. I promise tomorrow will be a better day!
So I've been obsessed with typewriters lately. I mean, I know i wouldn't use it as much as my trusty lappy. But there is something about the clackety clack sound of typewriter keys that just makes me happy. I love the candy apple red Olivetti but a little pink one would be pretty damn cute too.

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  1. i have an old underwood in my garden

  2. in your garden?? pictures please!

  3. I have been wanting a typwriter for quite some time, but can't justify the expense, the time to find one or the space to put it. I want an electric one because I want to hear the hummmmmm. My mother's electric typewriter had a strange smell coming from it - sort of like warmed up dust :)

    I think I've just written up my own blog post lol Those pictures are just making it THAT much harder to resist!

  4. I'm with you! The hum of those electric ones is amazing!

  5. I'm loving the pink one, but I'll stick to my Mac!