Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yellow Ain't Mellow Anymore.

I love yellow. But that wasn't always the case. And you wanna know something? I'm going to guess that YOU didn't like yellow that much either! I'm not sure what happened to turn the tides because honestly no one was really that jazzed about yellow several years ago. Admit it. We weren't buyin' it. Yet now it's everywhere....and it's fabulous. Buttercup, lemon drop, marigold, sunrise, pale straw, daffodil, I love them all. I've even taken to wearing yellow, which was NEVER one of my faves. I don't know why it was always overlooked, it's such a happy shade and truthfully there is a shade of yellow that will look good on anyone. A pale blonde in yellow looks like sunshine incarnate and a girl with rich ebony skin in bold yellow looks like a vision. Brunettes, redheads....well, see for yourself.

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  1. i'm wearing yellow right now! i recently purchased a yellow maternity tank top and decided it's not such a bad color for me after shunning it for years because of my olive complexion.

    i also love having pale yellow countertops in the kitchen.

    and it makes for a lovely triumvirate along with green and orange.

  2. that's because yellows used to be ugly. now they're beautifully rich and creamy, or sometimes flashy and bright. the old yellows were just cheap versions of what exists today.

  3. oh alison from a fine frenzy! i went to see her in germany last winter... i looovvve her personal style & music, do you listen??

  4. oooh I don't know A Fine Frenzy, I just love how she looks! I'll have to have a listen....I already love her style!

  5. Yup... I admit... I did not like yellow all that much either. Now, I want to paint my house yellow! With all these gorgeous golden hues, who can resist?

    Thank you ever so much for visiting my blog the other day and leaving such a lovely comment. I appreciate it very much!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Nancy -