Sunday, June 28, 2009

Resort Wear & a Sharpie

I just love this collaboration between fashion designer Peter Jensen & artist Charlotte Mann. For starters....cardigans. hello! We all know I love a good cardy. And then the illustrations remind me of that guy who decorated his entire basement with $10 worth of sharpie markers.

The inspiration for the set (and the collection) was the Diane Arbus photograph of triplets...look closely in the fashion photos and you can see it hanging on the wall. You can read more about this sassy Resort 09 Collection on Style Bubble.

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  1. I love a good cardy myself...lightweight, but give good cover.

    The set is great - reminds me of Edward Gorey's interiors, which I adore. Especially his illustrations for "The Shrinking of Treehorn."

  2. Very Edward Gorey, you're right parallel-botany. I'm also a cardigan fan! How great is that bunny dress and swimsuit!? And i love the colour combination in the first outfit, chartreuse and turquoise - hot!

  3. TOTALLY Edward Goey ladies!! I have to look up The Drinking of Treehorn, miss parallel-botany. I'm not familiar with that. Do you remember the opening credits he did for Mystery on PBS? I used to loooove those!