Friday, June 12, 2009

Let the Wild Rumpus START!

One of Wolfie's favorite book is the classic Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are. He has a Max stuffed animal and 3 of the Wild Things (which he named Freddy, Sippy and Bernard). The cover is tattered and worn, and I think we've read the book seriously 100 times, but it never grows old.

"...til Max said "BE STILL!" And tamed them with the magic trick of staring into all their yellow eyes without blinking once...."

It really is a timeless classic. I was totally excited to discover this new site called Terrible Yellow Eyes that is filled with artwork inspired by the book. Cory Godbey is the curator of the site (as well as a contributing artist), which he says is a "love letter" to Maurice Sendak's classic! Very inspiring and fun work...and just goes to show what a treasured and important place in our culture children's books hold.  (pssst, "Freddy" is the Wild Thing in the stripy shirt!)

Images from Terrible Yellow Eyes. 
The last image is by the brilliant Rilla Alexander (we've recently become penpals...I adore her work and I'm stunned she actually reads my blog!). Anyway there is a great story behind her piece. You can read about it on her Flickr HERE.

My friend Ms Pooka asked a great question...what do we all think about the upcoming movie? I'm torn....but definitely intrigued. Part of me hates that they are taking such a beloved children's book (which is all of 35 pages long) and turning it into a full length feature. Then again, I love Spike Jonez and I'm sure it will be super cool and moving. What do you think?  The trailer is HERE.

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  1. what do you think of the movie coming out?

  2. I want nothing more than to snuggle up on the belly of a wild thing and have him read me "Where the Wild Things Are". From what I've seen the Movie Wild Things definitely look eminently I am waiting breathlessly!

    Maurice Sendak has been involved in the whole process and Spike Jonez has oodles of respect for him. So let's all keep our fingers crossed that it's all worked out for the best!

  3. I love these children's book images, Alexandra! This was one of my son's favorite books when he was little, too. He's a teen now and still a good way, though. ;)

    Thanks for the inspiration! xo

    ~ Vicki

  4. ps. You should check out:

    I think this shows just how much the Spike Jonez crew love Mr Sendak..

  5. i want all of em!

  6. The trailer looked really cute!

  7. Those illustrations are gorgeous! I love all the different styles and interpretations. And what a fabulous concept for a collection of art.

  8. hmmm... i don't know why my last comment published with a different ID. I'm not trying to publicise my blog on yours!

  9. lisa you made me laugh...and for the record you are always welcome to promote your blog over here. you know i'm a big fan! (and if steph hadn't given you that kreativ blogger dealie I would have given it to ya too!)
    : )

  10. I use to love that book, one of my favourites.
    I tagged you over on my blog. Check it out when you have time.